A toast to longevity – Celebrating 20 years

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Flying high on a story

After riding the roller-coaster of self-employment for 21 years, I was proud to celebrate a milestone in 2016. It marked my 20th year in business as DoubleVision Creative, here at MarciDiehl.com working as a consultant, commercial writer and editor for marketing and media projects.


In 1996, having left Rochester Manpower, Inc. and with nearly twenty years experience in media relations and writing for magazines, I “jumped off the cliff” into entrepreneurship and became one of the few freelance communications professionals making a full-time living out of a home office, working with small business clients and organizations.


The technological additions to our lives – PCs, laptops, smart phones, the Web, social media and email (and all that’s coming into being) – have made it possible to work anytime, for anyone anywhere.


However, it’s still all about people. So I celebrate the fantastic people who have worked with me, and continue to work with me, both on the client side and within the marvelous network of professionals who work as I do – from home offices and studios.


Collaborating with them, DoubleVision Creative has been privileged to share the visions of owners, executive directors, CEOs and managers, and deliver concrete, effective, inspired products to them.


Thank you to everyone who has given me the support, pep talks, leads, referrals, counsel, feedback, laughter, comfort, belief, and professionalism I’ve needed over the last 20 years. It’s a joy to do what you love with people you like!

PS – The photo above comes from the day last year I took my first small plane ride researching an article on the airport D-38 in Canandaigua, NY. “I’ll let you fly the plane a bit once we get high enough,” the owner/pilot said to me — and I did! Not that I wasn’t nervous — but having experiences like that in pursuit of learning about my subject is one of my favorite parts of what I do.

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