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I confess: I have sinned (against my website)

I have a confession to make. For the last 7 months, I haven’t been doing the best by my own website. But all that is going to change. It’s been too long since I wrote about having a website that wasn’t “dressed” yet. Like many independent professionals, I’ve been so busy taking care of what [...]

LinkedIn Endorsements: Trash or Treasure?

I was going to title this post something like: The Gift Horse’s Mouth – Should we criticize LinkedIn endorsements as meaningless? Because that’s what they got called when LinkedIn rolled out the new feature late in 2012. I have a different view of them, though. Depending on how active and clued-in you are on LinkedIn, [...]

The Blogs I Never Miss Reading — And Why

Nothing is more attractive than someone fully being who they are. – @AuthorAlchemy   Yep. Just as I thought… the pendulum is swinging away from the now all too frequent “numbered” and “list” posts for blogs, and into storytelling and authenticity. And I’m so, so glad. The blogs I read without fail — I mean, [...]

Tell the Truth & Other PR Advice

Every so often, I see something posted on Facebook or Google+ (a lot more on Google+ than most of you imagine — it’s a gold mine of creative thought and information)  that I think is worth sharing. Today there’s this. (Think on it while I work on deadlines for some clients)

Everyone Has a Story Worth Telling

I make my living by telling stories. Every person and business has one. Those who tell it best, get the farthest. Being truly interested in a client’s story — and finding the best way to tell it – is no easy trick. But how else are you going to build a relationship if you aren’t [...]

9 Simple Ways To Sink Your Chances With the Media

“We sent a press release, but nobody ever called.” “We never get any attention.” “That wasn’t the story we wanted to talk about. They published something completely different and twisted it around!” Every day, hundreds and thousands and millions of people are trying to get their message out via the media. Over the last five [...]

Oh sweet bluebird of efficiency: Twitter

99% of the people and businesses I know don’t know how Twitter works. Or IF Twitter works. So I’ll describe my day today, and you decide: I have a magazine piece due this Friday. It’s on the results of a contest held by Budget Travel magazine, 2012 Coolest Small Town in America — their article on [...]