A toast to longevity – Celebrating 20 years

After riding the roller-coaster of self-employment for 21 years, I was proud to celebrate a milestone in 2016. It marked my 20th year in business as DoubleVision Creative, here at MarciDiehl.com working as a consultant, commercial writer and editor for marketing and media projects.   In 1996, having left Rochester Manpower, Inc. and with nearly [...]

Should you lay up or go for the stick?

I’ve never played golf. Not even once. So what, you might say. Neither have billions of other people. Yet the game has affected a huge part of my life and taught me valuable non-golf lessons anyone can apply to life, career, or competition. Believe me, no one is more surprised than I am about learning [...]

Even a novel becomes a marketing project

  It seems all writing today evolves into marketing. Even a novel. This one is mine. Writing fiction is one of the most creative experiences anyone can have. You create a world. You create lives for characters. You have the power of life and death in a novel. I still remember the moment, driving down [...]