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Announcing my debut novel!

This coming of age novel begins in the summer of 1967, and 18-year-old American Bridey McKenna is in Europe for the first time. It’s supposed to be the ultimate mother-daughter vacation, but nothing about it is working out that way. Chances for adventure, romance and enlightenment look slim-to-none until Bridey arrives in Umbria and meets Alessandro — someone who could change everything about her future. Alessandro is no ordinary singing waiter, and he’s the last person on earth Bridey’s mother wants in her daughter’s life. Bridey’s only hope is to connect in Rome with her worldly aunt and uncle — a man who holds a position at the British embassy in Jordan that no one ever quite defines. When an emergency takes Bridey off the tour, on to Athens and further into her aunt and uncle’s world than Bridey ever dreamed, the complex terrain of family, love and womanhood holds a surprising itinerary.

More than just a coming of age romance novel, What You Don’t Know Now is an adventurous new adult love story of sexual awakening and a loss of innocence, for readers young and old.


Against the backdrop of Germany, Italy and Greece, Bridey McKenna’s summer adventure plays out in ways she never could have imagined. Marci Diehl’s magical storytelling invites us to smell the sea, bask in the Mediterranean sunshine and join Bridey on an emotional journey that is an intricate blend of intrigue, sexual awakening, romance and self-discovery.

                 — Kathy Johncox, author of  What a Kiss Can Do


My mouth was literally agape as I read certain sections of this fun and engrossing story.

–  Cynthia Kolko, author of Fruit of the Vine


Now available in softcover and for download on Amazon.

Available at: Nook Barnes & Noble.

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Published by Merge Publishing.

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