There’s nothing better than making clients happy.

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When I read a recommendation from someone I’ve worked with, I’m like one of those cartoon characters with the fluttering feet as she rises off the ground with happiness. That’s what I hope to earn from you.

Marci Diehl’s skill, experience and adaptability has resulted in a strong partnership and extraordinary value for VisitRochester. On numerous occasions, she’s stepped into our programs and helped us achieve success beyond expectations. Her ability to listen, analyze, self-critique and deliver on her promise are traits that will serve us well in the years ahead.

Greg Marshall, Sr. Vice President, VisitRochester

I have been enjoying your Canandaigua Magazine contributions and your Linkedin input and articles-I read nearly every one and think – how awesome that each piece she contributes always points the reader to improvement and enrichment – whether it’s personally, professionally, or for their business! Thanks for putting yourself out there for the rest of us to benefit! You are so good at what you do! 

Sue Hibbard/Key Bank via LinkedIn

I have used Marci numerous times as a scriptwriter for our video productions. She is always extremely dedicated to the project at hand, both in detail and attitude. For one particular project, we had a very tight deadline to meet. Marci and I were in the edit suite until 3am more than once. Her creativity and ability to convey a story based on client specifications are excellent.

Dave LaBarge, Creative Director, LaBarge Media

 Dropping you a note to tell you what a nice job I thought you did on the article in SUCCESS Magazine. I enjoyed seeing you and doing the interview at Saint Andrews, and I would particularly like to compliment you on the very professional — as well as pleasant — way in which you work.

Jack Nicklaus

 Marci is an inspirational partner!  Her enthusiasm, commitment, ability to pull together teams with exactly the right expertise result in PR pieces that reflect a depth of research, beauty and familiarity that attracts and speaks to an audience.  She understands the art and the science of “voice” whether the audience is the community at large or a targeted population.

Karen van Keuren, Director of Grants Development, Finger Lakes Community College

Marci brings a wonderful combination of expert writing skill, community knowledge and creative brainstorming to her role as associate editor of Canandaigua Magazine. We chose her over a slew of candidates for the position, and she has done more to add to the spirit and voice of the magazine than we could have hoped. Beyond that, she is such a genuine and warm presence. We have such great confidence in her, and feel extremely lucky to have found her.

Mark Liu, Editor, Gannett Democrat & Chronicle Media Group

Marci brought professional and creative thinking in developing a communications and public relations program that was nearly non-existent at Holy Sepulchre and not readily available in the cemetery industry.  She is very dedicated to her clients, has a very positive attitude when approaching tasks and is one of the most creative personalities that I have experienced in over 40 years of management experience.

Jim Weisbeck, Executive Director, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery & Mausoleums

Marci is one of the most creative and strategically targeted writers that I know. With such a high level of marketing expertise in so many areas, she is able to zone in on her clients’ needs quickly and be able to express in words powerful and dramatic ideas capturing the attention of her audience, and subsequently increasing consumer awareness and sales. Marci’s positive attitude and sense of humor makes her a pleasure to work with.

Cindy Harris, President, Harris Studios, Inc.

I knew I needed to partner with someone to ensure a great program and Marci was the first person I thought of. Marci has a background in tourism projects – and has worked on Erie Canal projects before. She even mastered a new skill in the process – podcasting. Upon hearing her voice in a short history segment, I think she has a whole other skill set in voice-over work! I would recommend Marci as a great writer and someone who can work with social media projects as well. I learned a lot working with her.

Sally Berry, CMP President, Bristol Creek Tourism Marketing

[Marci] positively impacts individuals and businesses with her unique ability to evaluate needs, efficiently correspond and creatively influence — the perfect combination of marketing experience and business knowledge to help business owners and organizations overcome their obstacles and reposition themselves in this competitive market. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to find new and creative ways to increase their bottom line.

Debbie Clune, Clune Consulting

Working with Marci is always a pleasure. Marci and I have worked collaboratively on campaigns to drive traffic to websites and venues. Her curiosity, insight, copywriting skills and willingness to be flexible add strength to any team.

Jeff Lennox, President, Archer Communications

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