Even a novel becomes a marketing project

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The front & back cover for What You Don't Know Now


It seems all writing today evolves into marketing. Even a novel. This one is mine.

Writing fiction is one of the most creative experiences anyone can have. You create a world. You create lives for characters. You have the power of life and death in a novel. I still remember the moment, driving down a country road, when I realized one of my characters was going to die.

It’s such a powerful experience, I wonder if what Eve really attempted that got her and Adam in so much trouble was to try writing a novel. Perhaps she asked Adam to be her co-author (usually a recipe for disaster).  Maybe the Serpent whispered, “I’ll be your publisher.”

Not that my publisher, Merge Publishing is evil. Far from it. Innovative and collaborative, yes.

So my book is now available on Amazon for e-readers (Kindle, Nook, Kobo) and we’re working on getting the print version out ASAP — most people I know are waiting for the print version, and I’ve read that e-book sales are down.

The tagline for the novel is: In the summer before college, it’s the education of a lifetime. It’s a coming-of-age-novel, set in 1967 in Europe. In marketing , it fits into the genres Women’s fiction, New Adult, and because there’s a romance involved… Romance (the largest-selling genre).

Then there’s the media kit available, and media releases.

We’re talking about holding a couple of book launch parties.

I’m going to the printer to have postcards made up to send out — I’ll need to have opportunities to give readings and do signings (and *crossed fingers* sell some print copies there).

There’s an author’s website, and blogging, and if all goes well — maybe some book club invites, via Skype or Google + Hangouts.

Oh! And let’s not forget my Facebook Page, Marci Diehl Books. And tweeting.

See, now my book has become a product. And the product needs a marketing platform — PR, sales, advertising, social media.

That’s why I’m creating a new page for my site, because I’m not only a multi-media writer, editor and producer for marketing and media, I’m an author. Actually I’ve been an author since I was about ten, when I wrote and illustrated a novel on notebook paper and bound it with staples. I’ve written fiction all my life — but this is the first to be published. My debut.

The days of authors being left to create books and leave the promotion to the traditional agent, editor and publisher are over.

We create all the way down the line now. Creating worlds and characters and stories — and then we create ways to share that world and story out on the marketplace.

I’m just grateful I get to create, period.



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