Everyone Has a Story Worth Telling

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How do you navigate the maze of Change?

I make my living by telling stories. Every person and business has one. Those who tell it best, get the farthest.

Being truly interested in a client’s story — and finding the best way to tell it – is no easy trick. But how else are you going to build a relationship if you aren’t interested? How will you connect — and help that client to connect with the right audience — if you don’t take the time to honestly get to know that story?

The most valuable stories are honest. Authentic.

And as far as I’m concerned, the most valuable businesses are the same. They are the ones who inspire loyalty to the brand.

Recently I was asked to join in a “Meaningful Conversation” with Seasons of Change certified Master Coach and a mindfulness meditation practitioner Yota Schneider — a part of her blog and website Open For Success.

Schneider once had a huge corporate job as an account executive for Clinique (a division of the Estee Lauder Corporation) working with a multi-million dollar budget and coordinating a sales force of 120 sales consultants. She describes herself as “competitive and driven” at the time, living on adrenalin.

Then motherhood arrived – with twin girls! And Schneider juggled and tried to balance for two years. It was time for major change. She “left corporate and never looked back.”

There have been many changes in Yota Schneider’s life — and Change is subject she explores in her practice.

As part of Meaningful Conversations, she asked me to talk about change, transitions, overcoming obstacles and how I’ve handled the bumpy road of making a living in creative work. If you’re an entrepreneur, dealing with big transitions, or just trying to find your way through life as it is now, you may find some value in my experiences.

Now I’m going to share that conversation by directing you to it on Yota’s site. Yeah, I know the “rule” about not sending someone off your page. I’m willing to take the risk that you’ll come back. Because I believe that once you know my story, you’ll either resonate with it or you won’t.

And if you do, you’ll decide I’m someone who can be interested in YOUR story — and help to tell it well.

The conversation is in two parts:

Finding Our Way Through the Maze Part 1

Finding Our way Through the Maze Part 2

Let me know if this has been helpful to you.


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