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99% of the people and businesses I know don’t know how Twitter works. Or IF Twitter works. So I’ll describe my day today, and you decide:

I have a magazine piece due this Friday. It’s on the results of a contest held by Budget Travel magazine, 2012 Coolest Small Town in America — their article on it will appear in their September issue.

I’m writing for a regional magazine about a national magazine’s contest winner.( I know, it’s confusing.)

This article I’m writing is one of five that I’m doing for the regional magazine. So I need some quotes for my article. I’ve got a lot of background, and I followed this contest avidly while I was working on a different project for a different client.

Getting good quotes from the right people is always important and those people are usually busy. So I immediately turned to Twitter:

I need to talk to someone about Hammondsport NY — Coolest Small Town winner – for a mag piece. Pls tweet me, CVBs, Budget Travel


Within a very short time, I got a tweet back from @MLRadcliffe (Michelle), who is the assistant manager at Fulkerson Winery in NYS’ Finger Lakes region and one of my most active, reliable Twitter pros. She told me to talk to @blacksheepchef (Debbie Meritsky) at the Black Sheep Inn In Hammondsport.

I checked @blacksheepchef’s Twitter profile quickly via Tweetdeck, a Twitter management tool. I read one of her tweets that said a photographer from Budget Travel was at their B&B on Saturday doing a photo shoot for the article. Then I sent her a tweet and mentioned this — and asked if we could talk.

By noon, I had @blacksheepchef’s cell number. By 3pm, we were doing a phone interview.

I followed Budget Travel Magazine’s Twitter account and sent them a message (tweet), too. I backed that up with an email to the PR person after linking to their website via their Twitter account.

While I was on the phone interviewing @blacksheepchef, I got a call that went to voicemail. When I checked the voicemail, it was Marc Peyser, editor of Budget Travel, calling from NYC to give me a quote.

“I know you’re on deadline,” he said.

Three years ago I wrote another article about how social media connects the dots for me in business. On a weekly basis, it’s the sweet bluebird of efficiency for me.

What is Twitter? The fastest way you can communicate for business on social media.

Does it work for business? You tell me.


Be Social, Share!

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