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Every day, print media goes into the hands of billions of people, whether it’s in the form of magazines (my first love), direct mail, packaging, brochures, quarterly publications – print is not dead. Print media can be an integral part of an overall marketing campaign. Great print pieces can be workhorses in serving the needs of your customers – but it helps if they’re a bit of a work of art, too.

I started in print, and I admit to loving it. I still work in print media  – here are some examples.


Over the last 30 years, I’ve written for local, regional and national magazines on a variety of topics — lifestyle, golf, business, healthcare, travel, humor, essays and more for publications like Golf Digest, Success, Jacksonville Magazine (Florida).

I was associate editor and senior writer for Canandaigua Magazine, a regional lifestyle magazine.  As associate editor, I helped develop the stories for each issue, worked with the editor, photo director and creative manager and then wrote many of the articles. I also wrote the back page essay.

Since then, the magazine was wedded to its “big sister” – Rochester Magazine, a high-end city glossy. I continue to write for the magazine as a contributing writer.

I’m also a contributing writer for the Democrat and Chronicle’s medicine and health publication Healthy Life — writing about a wide variety of medical issues and health concerns, from the signs of a heart attack (and how they can vary in women) to why belly fat is so dangerous. I love interviewing physicians and working with great medical facilities.

spring 2013

You can’t help having favorites with certain magazines articles, either for the subject or for the people you meet in writing them. Here are some of mine. Click on the images to read the articles.

Tom Johnson

Featured on the Martha Stuart website, a whiz-kid store designer in his 20’s for Ralph Lauren, designing homes and hotels in Asia for billionaires – Tom Johnson also saves 100+ year old barn frames to create high-end vineyard homes.





Meghan Musinicki 

Meghan Musnicki took it all the way – from a girl raised in a tiny town at the foot of a lake in western New York, to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London as a gold medal winner in the Women’s Eight rowing event. But her journey was much farther and deeper to get there.





Bill “Youngie” Young 

He prefers to be called Youngie. He’s already held his own wake. His famed wine cellar is larger than some homes. He’s an artist, a Man of the Year at UPenn, a photographer, a former ad man, and a famous fly fisherman who travels the world. That’s only the beginning .



Retired race horses finding new homes and lives 

A story dear to my heart. FLTAP’s Purple Haze is an award-winning program that finds the right homes for thoroughbreds ending their racing careers. I still go to visit these beauties to feed them organic carrots and hear their stories from the “back side.”






3 community hospitals lead the way in integrative medicine

I usually write the cover stories. I’m very proud of this one – I had to pitch the concept & show how three regional community hospitals within 14 miles of each other continue a history of leading the way in integrative medicine & complementary therapies. I also took a Himalayan mineral soak that knocked me for a loop.


 From Grass Runway To Serving Jets

Once it was a grass runway mowed in the 1940s by a local farmer so he could fly his small plane. Today it’s one of the largest regional airports in NYS, and  has a paved runway capable of serving the largest corporate jets — and landing a United Airways jet during an emergency. Private planes and jets carry the rich and famous, corporate executives, businessmen, senators, tourists, student pilots and people who fly planes for the love of it. Yet most around it barely know it exists.





The Last Word

I started my published writing career as an essayist writing personal essays and humor. The Last Word is the “back page essay” in Canandaigua Magazine – where I get to write those fun pieces people love to read, sitting down with a cup of coffee. No matter how many people read it, I’m still talking one-on-one.



Print Marketing 

Print marketing pieces come in all shapes, sizes and purposes: Sales collateral, brochures, quarterly publications… The list goes on. I’ve done everything from a print ad in a magazine for the stud services of a champion quarter horse to a brochure for a large cemetery. This is the kind of copy writing where no consumer knows who writes it – but someone does. Someone like me.


VisitRochester’s  CrossBorder Showcase Canadian campaign is all about enticing Canadians living in Ontario’s border near Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY to drive just 90 miles from the border into the Genesee Valley, Rochester, Central New York and Finger Lakes regions. Along with a radio program, a website (I write the content), PR, online advertising, social media and travel shows, there is also a 4-page print piece – 500,000 of them are distributed to employee areas of Ontario, Canada companies, major festivals and events and in-home delivery, including the Sunday Toronto Star. I write that content, too.


[Image Credit: Ryam Ballangee]

Rack cards are used for a variety of businesses. The first rack card I wrote was for a small aqua farm. It was small, but it specialized in stock sport fish and koi, along with aquatic plants for ponds and water gardens. The place did a lot right – James Earl Jones called and ordered his koi over the phone.

I’ve written rack cards and corresponding itineraries for VisitRochester on ten of their niche markets in tourism.

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