I know a builder who has a wonderful tagline for his business: From frame to finish.

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I love building and remodeling. Renovations. But I can’t read blueprints. I’m not handy. Not when it comes to materials like wood, cement, stone, pipes…

I can read a different kind of blueprint, however.

I can see the blueprint of a project in marketing communications. I can see the “finished space” of your project.

The space of today’s marketing world is ever changing. But as long as you have a firm foundation, you can remodel and change your space to fit the needs of your clients and audience.

I believe that content shouldn’t be cranked out like pieces of factory work. It’s too important. It needs to be hand-crafted, each piece created exactly for you and what you require.

I’m also quick to spot the defects that can cause buckling and cracks, and fix them before they do damage… where you need an addition to the “floor plan”… or what you don’t need.

Sometimes it feels like a “grand staircase” should be added, when actually it doesn’t lead you anywhere. I see these things.

I know you’re looking for help.

You know your limitations. (That’s a good thing, knowing limitations. It helps you make smarter choices and decisions.)

Maybe you don’t have time…  You need someone to explain “how to”… or you don’t know what you need to do.

Or you do know what you need to do – you just don’t have the staff, time or the expertise to get the *@#!%&* thing done, already!

Even if you think you can do it all yourself – Deep down (c’mon, admit it!) a nagging question may be buzzing and biting your neck like a black fly in the Adirondacks in June: What if it could be done better?

Hey, it’s okay… Really. I feel your pain, and I’m here to ease it.

How? I devote time, highly honed skills and focused attention to your business and marketing communications.

When you work with me, I help get your project up on its foundation and provide seamless, timely integration of creativity and content. All the while doing everything I can to make sure you feel supported, at ease and confident in the outcome.

While you’re building, I’ve got your back. (Kind of like Norm on This Old House.)

I’m an independent writer, editor and creative developer/producer working with CMO’s, business owners, small agencies, graphic designers, web designers, producers, directors, senior VPs, and EICs. I integrate with staff and collaborate with teams to get clients to the next level.

And here’s my favorite part: We can even make the process fun.  Smart people with a sense of humor usually find each other. Then they produce platinum results together.

I’ll understand if you need more information. Feel free to explore the site. Read my blog. Stalk me on Facebook. Read my tweets. Call me on Skype.  Google me.

If you’re ready to get to it – We can start now. Right. This. Minute.

Just CLICK THESE MAGIC WORDS and get in touch.

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